20 years old IT system engineer, born in the heart of Switzerland. Networking and web development is my thing. I'm also addicted to travelling, music and communication!

Jan Nicolas Meier
Name   Jan Nicolas Meier
Phone   +41 76 575 0779
Email   mail@b0x.ch
Address   Nielsenstrasse 7
6033 Buchrain
Facebook   b0xCH


Here are the most recent instagram pictures from my account. I'm usually posting them while travelling or when I have a good time with friends.

You can also find all pictures on the account itself! :)
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    About me

    My life is extremely diversified. These are the six pillars, which you should know about me.

    • A


      Travelling is one of the most important things in my life. You can see my flights here! > Flightdiary <

    • B


      I love to listen to music. Starting from the 1980's until now, a bit of everything is in my playlist!

    • C


      I'm born on the 17. July 1996 in the heart of Switzerland. Since then I never lived in another country, even thought I'm travelling around a lot.

    • D


      I enjoy eating good food. Especially asian or italian dishes like Lasagne or green thai curry.

    • E


      I'm an extremely talkative person. I enjoy being with friends or talk to people all around the world. I'm also frequently present on Twitter.

    • F


      I'm highly interested in world news. Especially in political affairs or special occurrences.


    Since I was 10 years old I've been interested in technology. All started as a toddler while playing with cables, it took its turn to IT when I got my first PC. My interest in web development started soon after that. Having IT as my job is probably one of the greatest things.

    • 2012 - 2016

      apprentice it system engineer

      Komax AG

      I've been in a apprenticeship as an IT system engineer, which started back in 2012. I've been 60%/week at work and 40%/week at school, because the professional school was required to pass the final exams, which had certified me as an IT system engineer EFZ.

    • 2016 - now

      DevOps Engineer

      Komax AG

      In September 2016 I've started working as a DevOps Engineer at Komax AG. I'm responsible for Oracle database management, our PDM system and various DevOps processes. I'm also involved into the development of Industry 4.0 appliances.


    During my school time and beside school I gained many skills. Some of them are listed here, but obviously those are not the only ones.

    German (Mother tongue)
    English (Perfectly fluent, FCE)
    French (Basic knowledge)
    IT system engineer EFZ
    Linux (Debian based)
    Web development (html, css, php)


    While being at school it never really was my favorite thing to do, but overall it was a great thing!

    I had a great time with friends and always new things to discover.

    • 2003 - 2012

      Public schoolarship

      HLB Buchrain

      By the educational system in Switzerland, everyone is required to spend 6 years at the primary school and another 3 years at the secondary school. I complied all the required prerequisites to be on the A-level in secondary school, which allowed me to start my apprenticeship as an IT system engineer in 2012.

    • 2012 - 2016

      IT professional school

      GIBZ Zug / BBZW Sursee

      In swiss apprenticeships, everyone is required to be at a professional school. From 2012 until 2014, I've been a student at the GIBZ Zug. After the second year I needed to switch to BBZW Sursee because of a decission by my employer. The final exams went great and I passed them with an extra certificate about my very good grades!


    Feel free to contact me anytime via this form or by using my contact details stated above. I'm open to answer all your questions about me or my projects!